Blog: Aug 2017

News flash from CYM

18. August 2017

Good news from CYM (Community and Youth Music) Library based in Hornsey Library in Haringey. They have been very fortunate recently to have received a grant to purchase contemporary music for our stock. This has been made possible by the Radcliffe Trust . It should all now be on Encore 21 , but this was a chance to spread the good news. They are now even more ready than usual to help with requests for...

Manchester celebrates World Music Day

3. August 2017

World Music Day in Manchester Central Library

21st June 2017

World Music Day, or as is it known in France, Fete de la Musique originated in France in 1982. It was the brainchild of Jack Lang, the Minister of Culture and composer Maurice Fleuret, who he appointed as director of Music and Dance in 1981. The slogan for this annual...