Don't miss the Public Libraries Seminar

6. August 2019

Loxley House, Nottingham

The 2019 Music in Public Libraries Seminar will take place on Friday 27th September from 1pm to 4.30pm in the ground floor Committee Room of Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, close to Nottingham railway station and the city centre.

Nottingham is easy to reach by public transport from many areas of the UK.

The seminar is primarily intended for library staff who work with music, in all its aspects, in a public library setting for some or all of their working week, but is open to everyone. The seminar is free to attend.

The afternoon will include talks by Christopher Scobie, Curator for Music Manuscripts at the British Library, on IAML's resource discovery databases (Cecilia and the Concert Programmes database), and by Anna Wright, past president of IAML (UK & Irl), on current trends in performance set provision in the UK. Anna will also provide an update on the Surrey/NewSPALS situation. (If you don't know what that is, why not come along and find out?)

For further information and bookings please contact Ros Edwards at or by phone at 0161 234 1976

There is plenty of space for other talks/presentations during the afternoon, so if you have introduced a new service, want to report on a project in your library, or simply share some library news, please do let Ros know. The Public Libraries Seminar is an important networking opportunity for music staff in public libraries. Don't miss out! 

Ros Edwards, Henry Watson Music Library, Manchester