Annual Study Weekend (ASW). St Anne's College, Oxford

1. April 2022 - 14:00 to 3. April 2022 - 14:00

The Branch's Events & Training Committee is looking forward to welcoming ASW delegates in person in April 2022, following two years of online-only events! We'll be meeting at St Anne's College Oxford from Friday afternoon 1 April until lunchtime on Sunday 3 April.

Please follow the link to the Scheduled Programme. Main bookings have now closed but there is still the opportunity to attend single sessions (up to a maximum of two) at a charge of £25 (or £30 for non-IAML members) per session. To book single sessions please contact the Bookings Secretary.

There will be no overall "theme" to this ASW because we want the event to have something of interest to the widest possible range of participants.

Because the UK & Ireland Branch is hosting the international IAML conference in 2023 in Cambridge (advance notice: it will run from Sunday 30 July to Friday 4 August 2023the UK & Ireland Branch will next run a national ASW in 2024. Ideas for topics and a location are welcome!

John Wagstaff (Chair of the branch's Events & Training Committee)


[Image of St Anne's shown here is licensed under Wikimedia Commons]

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