Joint Academic and Public Music Libraries seminar

17. November 2021 (All day)

Following the success of 2020's joint Academic and Public Music Libraries seminar over Zoom, we're repeating the formula this year. However, the format of the afternoon will be slightly different than in 2020, as we're planning to run separate academic and public library "strands" during part of the afternoon.

If you would like to attend, please inform John Wagstaff (Chair of the UK & Ireland branch's Events & Training Committee) at

The schedule looks like this:

2 p.m. Welcome and introductions
2.10 p.m.: a plenary, "Post-COVID recovery", session -- who's doing what, and let's share some best practice
2.55 p.m.: a short break (for "comfort", tea-making etc.)
3 p.m.: a separate public libraries strand, with two 20-minute presentations followed by discussion; and a separate academic libraries strand, also with two 20-minute presentations followed by discussion.
N.B.​ if you're an academic music librarian but want to attend the public libraries session (or vice-versa) you're of course free to do so!
4 p.m.-4.15 p.m.: a longer break. I'll set up 4 breakout rooms, one specifically for the academic librarians, one for the public librarians, and 2 for people who just want a break and a chat
4.15 p.m.: (plenary): review of the academic and public sessions. The idea behind this is to allow each constituency to hear about the other's discussions earlier in the afternoon.
4.30 p.m.: News and updates (plenary session) -- your chance to share news and developments
4.55: wrap up and farewell

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