Republic of Ireland: copyright milestones



December 1911 Copyright Act, 1911 comes into force -
same Act as UK at this point
December 1929 Copyright (Preservation) Act, 1929 comes into force, preserving in Saorstát Éireann all copyright that existed in the late United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1963 Copyright Act, 1963 comes into force
1987 Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1987 comes into force, amending
sections 14 and 27 of Copyright Act, 1963
1 January 2001 Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 comes into force
2004 Copyright and Related Rights Act (Amendment), 2004 comes into force, amending the detail on public exhibition of certain works to avoid any doubt
2007 Copyright and Related Rights Act (Amendment), 2007 comes into force, establishing a public lending remuneration scheme
2007 Local Government Act, 2001 is consequently amended, under
section 79 An Comhairle Leabharlanna
5th November 2013, Statutory Instrument The Copyright and Duration of Rights in Performances Regulations, 2013 come into force. Implements Directive 2011/77/EU on the term of protection [including sound recordings and co-authored works]
August 2013 ‘Modernising Copyright’ report published, compiled by Copyright Review Committee
31st October 2014 S.I. No. 490/2014 - European Union (Certain Permitted Uses of
Orphan Works) Regulations, 2014
come into force
August 2016 Copyright and Related Rights (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 2016 published - to service persons with a disability and to address exceptions for caricature, satire and parody, to extend fair dealing of copyrighted works for news reporting etc. Bill is a response to ‘Modernising Copyright’.