Antony (Ag) Gordon


A IAML member since 1985.

Member of Branch Exec since 1997; Chair of Conference Committee (2001-2008); Technical Liaison for IAML Edinburgh 2000; Chair of Organizing Committee for IAML Dublin 2011; Webmaster from 2004.

At international level: Chair of Audio-Visual Commission (2000-2005); Chair of Cataloguing Commission (2005-2010); Chair of IT Committee (2005-2014); Vice President (2011-2016).

Formerly System Adminstrator/Metadata Co-ordinator, British Library Sound Archive, responsible for administering the Sound Archive catalogue.

Musical interests wide-ranging 'classical', from medieval onward but especially late romanticism, 2nd Viennese School, Sibelius, Bartók, Messiaen, Boulez ...

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