E.T. Bryant Memorial Prize, 2020

The E.T. Bryant Memorial Prize 2020 is awarded to Keith Munro for a thesis for the degree of MSc at the University of Strathclyde entitled: Can you feel it? – an exploration of the information behaviour of DJ’s.

This interesting study that arose from a module on Human Information Behaviour led the author to detect a gap in the field of information behaviour of DJs and he has attempted to redress that with this work. The focus of the thesis is outside what might have been seen as more traditional analyses of Library studies but that is what makes it refreshing and original. The research undertaken has been thorough and there’s a good balance between what has been examined in terms of published studies that exist on the topic and the practice.’ Clearly the candidate has a passion for what he is writing about and he has done a commendable job of assembling and integrating data gleaned from interviews.

Nothing beats first-hand observation and for that reason it is also important that he brings his own expertise and insight as an experienced DJ into the study. The candidate has also done well to present supporting data such as graphs and figures in such a way as to convey information clearly and concisely.

It might be interesting to follow the work up with the way in which the pandemic may have affected the work of DJs and their information needs as well as their audiences. This thesis is a significant piece of work in a so far less considered area of music librarianship and further work to look into relevant information sources and how the music information sector can support DJs would be very welcome.
The prize committee have unanimously agreed to give the award and look forward to further work in this area.

Almut Boehme
E.T. Bryant Prize Convenor