The UK & Ireland Branch of IAML represents a wide range of personal members who work in public and academic libraries as well as with professional orchestras, in broadcasting authorities and the music trade. Libraries and other institutions associated with music provision and music information provision join the Branch as institutional members.

The Branch is very active in promoting the valuable services offered by music libraries. It ensures that music libraries and music librarians are not overlooked in important discussions within the profession and among other relevant bodies. It takes an active role in shaping the future of music libraries and in recent years it played a key role in developing a Music Library & Information Plan for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Branch organises an Annual Study Weekend, an annual meeting for public librarians and one for academic librarians, and training courses on subjects of particular concern to music librarians. These occasions enable members to establish contacts and to share views.

The Branch publishes its own journal Brio twice yearly which contains articles on various subjects contributed mainly by members, with conference reports and other news, as well as reviews of relevant books, music and journals. The Branch also produces a regular blog to keep members informed about items of interest. The Branch also posts items of interest on Twitter.