Slide showing picture of the young Samuel Coleridge Taylor

‘After the Show is over’

Well, it happened! Suddenly, after all the planning and the meetings and the tweetings and everything else, Congress is over. Transport problems due to industrial action? All behind us now.

It certainly felt like a resounding success – if you would like to share your reflections on the whole week, or part of it, please do get in touch.

The picture shows a slide of Samuel Coleridge Taylor, in connection with Jonathan Frank’s presentation on Nourmahal’s Song, which is held at the Royal College of Music in London. Jonathan tells us that he enjoyed the experience of talking about Nourmahal’s Song, and says it was a real pleasure to finally get the music “out there”. If you haven’t seen, the recording is now on YouTube: Jonathan says it would be great to share this as far and widely as possible.