Republic of Ireland: useful copyright resources

Copyright Legislation

Copyright and Related Rights Act (Ireland). The Act for the Republic of Ireland that governs copyright, setting out parameters including duration of copyright, restricted acts, exceptions, limitations and defences.

Copyright Guidance and Information

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Intellectual Property Unit. The official government body responsible for intellectual property rights in the Republic of Ireland.

The Music Library Association (MLA) copyright pages. The Music Library Association is an American organization whose mission is to provide “a professional forum for librarians, archivists, and others who support and preserve the world’s musical heritage”. As such please be aware that this copyright guidance relates to copyright law in the USA. Nevertheless, it provides a very useful resource in terms of highlighting issues that need to be considered by music users.

Collecting Societies and Trade Associations

Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO). The organization that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members (who are songwriters, composers and music publishers) and on behalf of the songwriters, composers and music publishers of the international overseas societies that are affiliated to it.

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (Ireland) Ltd (MCPSI). The organization representing composers and publishers, responsible for the collection of royalties for its members when their works are used on physical formats or made available for download via the internet or other digital services. Also licenses the use of its members’ works in film, television, radio etc. Has an agency agreement with MCPS in the UK and reciprocal agreements with similar organizations around the world.

Music Publishers Association of Ireland (MPAI). The umbrella organisation which caters for the interests of those music publishers active in the Irish marketplace.

Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI). The equivalent society for the Republic of Ireland.