Encore21 is a union catalogue of choral and orchestral performance sets held by libraries in Great Britain. There is no indication of live availability, for which you will need to consult the relevant library.

Search the Encore21 database – no login is needed.

It is still possible to search the previous version of Encore21 (hosted by Bibliotekenes IT Senter (BIBITS) of Oslo, Norway) until 17  December 2021 at which date it will be closed.

A short YouTube video introducing the new interface can be viewed here.

Orchestral sets coverage
Orchestral material that was notified to the British Union Catalogue of Orchestral Sets (BUCOS) formed the core of the orchestral collection, with later amendments notified to the British Library.

Orchestral material that is only available from the publisher
Users should be aware that much modern copyright material is only available on hire from the relevant publisher. A work probably remains in copyright If the composer, or the author of any text that was set died more recently than 70 years ago – dates can usually be found online. If such a work does not appear in Encore21, this probably means that the work remains in copyright. Information on publishers' hire libraries may be found on the database Zinfonia, though not all publishers are represented there so you might need to contact the publisher directly. Though copies might be available from other sources, you should be aware that their unauthorised use for performance in the UK is likely to infringe copyright, and might lead to penalties.

Vocal sets coverage
Public library collections in England, Scotland and Wales that are known to lend performance sets.

Errors and omissions
Please email any comments about errors, omissions, etc. in Encore21. This address does not deal with enquiries about the performance material itself for which you need to contact the relevant library.

The Encore21 union catalogue of sets of performance music in UK Libraries is a project of IAML (UK & Irl) and was established with support from the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme.

The Koha database is hosted by PTFS Europe.