Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

….or in my case the A14. On Friday, in common with many of you, after dropping the dog off at his own canine conference, I’ll be setting off to IAML UK’s Annual Study Weekend in Birmingham. It will be the first time I’ll be attending the whole conference rather than just being a “day-tripper”; and I’m really looking forward to putting more faces to names that I already know, mainly through the mailing lists (So THAT’S the person who always requests those very odd ILL items(!)).

As always the programme looks packed with something for everyone, whatever your musical interests or readership. I would love to hear about your experience of the ASW whether you’d like to blog about it, or write for the next newsletter. I’d especially be interested in anyone who would like to write about the Public Librarian’s seminar. The programme is fantastic, but I’m going to be at the Academic Librarian’s seminar, as is my fellow blogger, so please spread the good news about what happened at the PLS.

I hope you all have a safe journey, and see you in Birmingham.

Margaret Jones,
IAML newsletter editor / blog supervisor
Music Collections Supervisor, Cambridge University Library