Forthcoming Events: News from our Events & Training Committee

Daniel Jones successfully delivered our first webinar for 2023 on PRS. A big thank you to Daniel for delivering an enlightening webinar. It was great to see everyone. We’ll alert members when the recording is available.

We’re pleased to announce our next 2 webinars. Please have a look:-

Make Music Day – Speaker Rob Guest (Co-Director, Make Music Day) 

Thursday 6th April 2023 1pm

Rob Guest will be discussing the best way to get involved with this international annual event, which puts music in the spotlight.

Make Music Day is an annual set of free music events. It takes place in venues and public spaces – from town squares to libraries, bandstands to school halls or arts centres. It takes place on 21st June, the longest day of the year. You can organise or attend an event near you. Join the music celebration with thousands of other music lovers all over the world. 125 countries have taken part in previous years! Join this webinar to learn more.

Free IAML zoom session open to members and non members. Come and share in the discussion.

Copyright, Plagiarism and all that jazz – Speaker Margaret Jones (Cambridge University Library)

Apr 27, 2023 1pm

Are you confused by music copyright? It can be complex and confusing. Do you wonder what music copyright can do for you? This course introduces you to real world music copyright. By the end of this short talk, you should:-

  • have a better idea of its benefits,
  • understand what copyright can do for you as a musician;
  • have a clearer idea of what you can and can’t do with regard to music copyright. (This is particularly useful for librarians!).

Free IAML zoom webinar open to members and non members. Come and share in the discussion.