Friday Night Is Music Night celebrates 90 years of the BBC Music Library

This evening Radio 2 will broadcast a special edition of their flagship live music programme Friday Night is Music Night which celebrates 90 years of the BBC music library. As usual the programme will feature music drawn mostly from the lighter side of our collections, and presenter Ken Bruce will discuss the music and the library.  Several members of current and former staff were also interviewed in advance for a pre-recorded interval feature about the collections and our work.

It is fantastic recognition of the important (and usually unsung) behind-the-scenes work that the BBC Music Library does in supporting live music making across the BBC’s output and fantastic exposure for the work of music libraries generally as facilitators of music making.

The show (which has been heavily trailed on R2) goes out live at 8pm this evening and will of course be available on the iPlayer for a week thereafter.  Do tune in if you are able.

Edward Russell
Senior Media Manager: Music Library, Acquisitions & Grams Cataloguing. Information & Archives