International IAML – Publications Awards

As most UK & Ireland Branch members will know, we are actually part of a larger international organisation, the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres. They publish Fontes, which is IAML’s international journal.

If you are professionally ambitious, and/or aspire to international recognition, then Fontes is one of the key publications in our line of work, and a great place to be published in. Moreover, if you publish in Fontes, then you will certainly be curious to find out more about the publications awards made by our international parent body. 

This year, the given volume year is 2022 and the volume number is 69.  (Please note, nominations are made by IAML colleagues; authors may not nominate themselves!) If your library has access, you can find Fontes on Project MUSE and/or JSTOR. Logged in international members can also gain access to Fontes here.

A list of former winners together with further information about the awards is given here.

The Publications Awards Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Publications Committee, solicits nominations for the best article and best review published in Fontes Artis Musicae in the previous year:-

  • The Vladimir Fédorov Award for best article published in Fontes Artis Musicae
  • The François Lesure Award for best review published in Fontes Artis Musicae

The criteria in each award look for excellence, quality of writing, and impact. To find out more about what the judges are looking for, do visit the relevant page on the IAML website:-

The small print:  authors may not nominate themselves; the Sub-Committee’s decision is final; the deadline for submissions is 31 May 2023.