Managing Music Collections

This course is designed to give library staff without a background in music a foundation in the basic principles underlying the successful management of music collections. The key areas of the collection management life cycle (collection building, organization, promotion, preservation and weeding and disposal) are introduced systematically with specific reference to music resources. The course includes presentations, practical exercises and opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.

At the end of the day participants will have:

  • an understanding of the relationships between different areas of the collection management life cycle;
  • an awareness of the tools available for selecting music materials;
  • an appreciation of the challenges of the physical arrangement of music materials on the shelves;
  • an awareness of a range of techniques for promoting collections;
  • an understanding of basic principles of book handling and repair;
  • an awareness of the principles governing the weeding and disposal of music collections.

Programme modules include:

  • collection building;
  • collection organization;
  • collection promotion;
  • collection preservation;
  • collection weeding and disposal.

Please note that detailed module content may vary according to the reference resources available at the host venue.

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