New Encore21 Training and Support

Encore21 is a searchable online union catalogue of performance sets of vocal and orchestral music in UK libraries and music institutions. It is a project of IAML (UK & Irl); established with support from the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme and the Music Libraries Trust; hosted by Bibliotekenes IT senter AS (BIBITS) of Oslo, Norway, and its British subsidiary, Mikromarc UK Ltd. It is managed (steadfastly) by (the legend that is) Malcolm Jones. [Note. The link has been updated to reflect that from 2021 Encore 21 has been run on a new platform hosted by PTFS Europe.]

Last year, the underlying library management system that supports Encore was upgraded to Mikromarc3, which facilitated the conversion from UKMARC to MARC21 and gave us the name Encore21. This new system enables libraries to update their own holdings from a client-based program on their own computers. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Malcolm has been providing training in person at Foundling Museum in London (December 2017) and at the Public Libraries Seminar in Leeds (September 2018). A video has been made of the London session and is available to cataloguers. Also available is a step-by-step video guide on updating records and a printed cataloguing guide. We have also just launched a JISCMAIL mailing list to provide support for Encore21 cataloguers.

Nine libraries are currently actively editing their records and the feedback is positive! One example is Monika Pietras of the Royal College of Music who attended the December training and this summer completed updating all RCM holdings in Encore21. To join her to begin updating your records and for access to these new support materials, please contact Malcolm Jones at

Dr Catherine Ferris

Chair, IAML (UK & Irl) Documentation Committee