Branch publications — free to all members

  • Brio — the IAML (UK & Irl) journal. Contents of all issues to date. Brio is abstracted in Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA) and RILM Abstracts, and indexed in The Music Index and The International Index of Music Periodicals.
  • The IAML (UK & Irl) Newsletter with news of people and events ceased publication with the August 2017 issue. The Branch blog now covers that function.
  • The Annual Report published in the first quarter of each year.
  • First stop for music: the basic quick reference guide to music. Available as a download.

Other Branch publications

  • Thompson, Pamela & Lewis, Malcolm. Access to music : music libraries and archives in the United Kingdom and Ireland : current themes and a realistic vision for the future, 2003. ISBN 0 95451 700 8 Available as a free download.
  • Ridgewell, Rupert. Concert programmes in the UK & Ireland: a preliminary report, 2003. ISBN 0 95207 039 1 £12 (€19 or $22) — plus postage if outside UK & Ireland. Place an order.
  • Richard Turbet, ed. Music Librarianship in the United Kingdom, 2003. ISBN 978 0 7546 0572 0. Out of print.
  • The British Union Catalogue of Music Periodicals (BUCOMP), 2nd edition, compiled by IAML(UK)'s Documentation Committee, 1998. ISBN 978 1 85928 133 8. Out of print.
  • Working with music in libraries, by the IAML (UK & Irl) Courses & Education Committee: 1997 & 2002. Available as a free download (with original images omitted).

IAML international publications (free to international members)

  • The journal of the international association, Fontes Artis Musicae published quarterly. Fontes is now available as an e-publication: select the option when logged into your membership record on