Countdown to Christmas – Day 22

Listening to carols in Padstow on the phone – A lovely interview about bygone Christmases from the Bob & Jacqueline Patten English Folk Music Collection at the BL : And how does this connect to Stargazy pie? Listen to the interview.

Countdown to Christmas – Day 19

Christmas Day in the Workhouse. This gloomy poem was a stalwart of the Victorian Christmas fireside. There’s a rather jollier parody in the British Library’s collections –

Countdown to Christmas – Day 8

A recording courtesy of the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound’s 2009 Advent Calendar. The Star of Bethlehem by Stephen Adams was hugely popular in the early twentieth century. Less well known is Stephen Adams’ connection with a notorious murder case – the Maybrick poisoning. Adams was the brother of the victim, James, who was also a suspect in…

Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

December, this year, is a month of musical feasts with Christmas towards the end. But first, it’s Happy Hanukkah from the Judaica Sound Archive at the Recorded Sound Archives of Florida Atlantic University