Virtuoso Skills for Music Enquiries

This course is designed to give staff working in music libraries, or with music collections in multi-discipline libraries, the confidence to answer music enquiries at an advanced level. It will cover mainly classical music, with reference to other genres held in strength at the host library, and will raise awareness of recent resources, both printed and online, in these areas.

At the end of the day participants will have:

  • have an overview of the major printed and electronic music reference sources;
  • have an awareness of new resources developing in this field;
  • be familiar with techniques to improve relevance of recall when using web searching to satisfy enquiries.

Programme modules include:

  • reference enquiries and how to find out what the user wants;
  • a guide to printed and online reference sources;
  • internet search techniques;
  • practical sessions using sources to answer enquiries.

Please note that detailed module content may vary according to the reference resources available at the host venue.

Schedule of current fees

Information for course organizers

There are two options for course organization:

Organized by IAML (UK & Irl) in conjunction with a host library

IAML (UK & Irl) will be responsible for the provision of qualified and experienced trainers (but please note that for this course, where the reference resources of the host venue inform the detailed content, host library specialist staff are particularly welcome to participate, or indeed lead.

IAML (UK & Irl) will be responsible for:

  • all course materials (where not generated by host trainers), including overhead transparencies or PowerPoint programme, handouts and enquiry session quizzes
  • feedback sheets, delegates lists, registration
  • information and badges, course certificates
  • catering arrangements (normally lunch and three coffee / tea breaks)
  • the production and mailing of course brochure
  • delegate bookings
  • financial management (note: we reserve the right to cancel courses if insufficient bookings are received, in which event no liability can be accepted)

In exchange for a negotiated number of free delegate places, the host library provides:

  • free training room, equipment, books and scores (see below)
  • photocopying of handouts (fair copies provided)
  • local contact before and on the day (liaison / local information / input to catering arrangements / help with registration etc)

Organized by library authority or other agency in house

This option is not generally suitable for this course, but details of its operation may be found under the other IAML (UK & Irl) courses listed here.

Essential requirements:

  • Training room capable of accommodating up to 30 delegates
  • PCs with CD-ROM and Internet access, at least one PC per two trainees.
  • Flipchart with paper and pens
  • Overhead projector and screen (or data projector and screen)
  • Music reference sources and scores to support specific modules
  • Space to display them on