We wish you a Merry Christmas

Following on from the festivities at Westminster Music Library, here’s a snapshot of what music librarians in Cambridge and Huddersfield have been up to. 

At Cambridge there was the usual departmental Christmas dinner along with our friends from the Chinese and Japanese departments… 

Some of us were attempting to hide…. Sarah is taking the photo, Justin’s arm can be spotted to the left. Then clockwise from the left – staff from the Chinese and Japanese department, then Music Department staff and volunteers – Kate, Susi, Catherine, Me (hiding behind Robert), Robert, Anna, and Richard. Helen had already departed…
Then there was the library choir which included several members of the music department:

At Huddersfield, some clever librarians designed the ultimate cosy fire (though don’t try to roast any chestnuts on it!)

Too soon, it’ll all be over, and we’ll just have our memories of the festive season….

Kate at  CUL dreaming of a White Christmas?

But at least while it’s here we can raise a song…

God rest you merry librarians? Courtesy of Helen Snelling

A very Happy Christmas to music librarians everywhere, and may 2018 bring you joy, music, and enthusiastic readers.

With thanks to the staff of Cambridge University Library, the Pendlebury Library of Music, Cambridge, and University of Huddersfield Library.