IL TRITTICO …or missing middles

The RNCM Library easier than ever Christmas Quiz 2018

Supply the missing middle element from each group of three – some musical, some not

1. The Fellowship of the Ring       __________________     The Return of the King

2. Regeneration                                ________________________    The Ghost Road

3. The Fourth of August                 ________________________    For the Fallen

4. Asie                                                  ­­­________________________     L’Indifférent

5. Rod                                                   ________________________    Freddy

6. Emerson                                         ________________________    Palmer

7. Joy                                                    ­­­­­________________________    Babs

8. A barge on the Seine                 ________________________    Florence

9. Star Wars                                        ________________________    Return of the Jedi

10. Le Matin                                       ________________________    Le Soir

11. Hereford                                      ________________________    Worcester

12. Shem                                             ________________________    Japheth

13. Yum-Yum                                     ________________________    Peep-Bo

14. Weisheit                                       ________________________    Natur

15. I – 1189-1199                              ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________    III – 1483-1485

16. Rag                                                 ________________________    Bobtail

17. Goneril                                          ________________________    Cordelia

18. K.543                                              ________________________    K.551

19. Mad Hatter                                 ________________________    March Hare

20. Winston Churchill                     ________________________    Adam Smith

21. Energy                                           ______________________ Speed of light squared

22. Woglinde                                     ________________________    Flosshilde

23. Davis                                              ________________________    Barclay

24. Gold                                               ________________________     Myrrh

25. Athos                                             ________________________    Aramis

Geoff Thomason, Royal Northern College of Music

CC0 Creative Commons License

One thought on “IL TRITTICO …or missing middles

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    Ein Bibliothekar des Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK, hat über die Homepage der IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) das “RNCM Library easier than ever Christmas Quiz 2018” online gestellt.
    Ich glaube, ich werde mindestens bis bis Weihnachten brauchen, um auf alle Lösungen zu kommen. Aber manche springen mir auch gleich ins Auge. Euch auch?

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