Countdown to Christmas – Day 22

Listening to carols in Padstow on the phone – A lovely interview about bygone Christmases from the Bob & Jacqueline Patten English Folk Music Collection at the BL : And how does this connect to Stargazy pie? Listen to the interview.

Countdown to Christmas – Day 14

The Hathi Trust’s pages can be a great way of finding some more obscure Christmas musical fare. How about Liza Lehmann’s No candle was there or the festive children’s operetta The trial of John and Jane? It struck me having a quick search for Christmas music on their site, that there is a huge wealth of musical…

Countdown to Christmas – Day 7

The British Library celebrates a Victorian Christmas –

Countdown to Christmas – Day 2

If you don’t use a library that often you might think that they are quiet, studious places. They are most of the time, but there’s always room for some Christmas festivities, such as this performance of an old Spanish carol by the Manchester Community Choir at Manchester Central Library…. For a performance in a really…