YML closed and on the move

As many of you will know, Yorkshire Music Library has closed. The speed of the closure meant that some borrowers were left in limbo not sure where / how they are going to get their music or where to return it. There was good news today from the Music and Performing Arts department at Leeds Central Library, who are going to take on the YML’s collections.

It’s going to take a little while to get everything up and running, but they should be ready to deal with outstanding requests for material within the next few weeks. It will take a little longer before they will be able to deal with new requests but the intention is to get an interim service up and running as quickly as possible.

Registered users will receive updates as the new service develops but the priority at the moment is to clear any backlog which has accumulated over the last few weeks. Customers may return any material that is currently out on loan and is due back at YML to Leeds. Please contact Gilly Margrave for further information.

Music librarians’ thoughts are with the staff of YML. The fact that Yorkshire Music Library has been nominated for a IAML Excellence Award this year shows the importance of their work. Thanks to Leeds for keeping the spirit of YML going.

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  • Very glad to read that the YML collection has found a home at Leeds Central Library

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