Committees and Working Groups


Remit: To cover all matters concerning communication, publicity and promotion of Branch activities through all relevant channels. In particular: to promote membership; to publicise Branch responses to policy and strategy documents on matters relevant to the Branch; and generally to raise awareness of the Branch, its activities and its achievements. The Committee oversees and supports the management of Brio and all other Branch publications.

Membership: Adam Taylor (Chair); Anna Wright (President, ex officio); Janet Di Franco (Membership Secretary); Amy Foster (Press & PR); Margaret Jones (Secretary and Newsletter/Blog Editor); Martin Holmes (Brio Editor); Antony Gordon (Webmaster).
Meetings for 2018: 31 January.


Remit: To organise the Annual Study Weekend in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner, taking account of the views and requirements of IAML (UK & Irl) membership as expressed through the Executive Committee.

Membership: Frances Allott (Chair); Jane Henshaw (Secretary); Catherine Small (Treasurer); Geoff Thomason (Speaker Liaison); Graham Muncy; Almut Boehme (Local Rep)
Meetings for 2018: 21 February 2018, Manchester


Remit: To assist in the education and professional development of those who work with music in libraries at all levels, through the organisation of courses, presentations, visits, seminars and publications. The committee also assists in raising awareness among the profession in general of issues relating to music provision in libraries, and keeps a watching brief on library education.

Membership: Geoff Thomason (Chair); Janet Di Franco; Megan Dyson; Ros Edwards; Helen Snelling; John Wagstaff.
Meetings for 2017: 7 March, Manchester; September


Remit: To deal with matters of bibliographic control, resource discovery and professional practice. The committee oversees projects (e.g. Encore! and Cecilia), monitors developments in its areas of interest (e.g. MARC, RDA and Dewey), and formulates responses on behalf of IAML (UK & Irl) when required. It is also active in supporting the UK and Ireland’s contributions to RILM and RISM.

Membership: Catherine Ferris (Chair); Ainara Urrutikoetxea (Secretary); Anne Elliott (Performance Sets Officer); Malcolm Jones; Deborah Lee; Ceri Mann; Anna Pensaert; Rupert Ridgewell; Chris Scobie (Cecilia Manager)
Meetings for 2017: 1 February, 21 September. Meetings for 2018:  10 January, 27 March


Remit: To give detailed consideration to financial and organisational matters on behalf of the Executive Committee. Typical areas of interest include membership rates, Brio subscription and advertising rates, and procedures for elections and the recruitment of Branch officers. Following discussion, recommendations are returned to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Membership: Anna Wright (President); Roy Stanley (General Secretary); Monika Pietras (Treasurer); Almut Boehme; Peter Baxter (Immediate Past President); Catherine Small (Minutes Secretary); Claire Kidwell.
Meetings for 2017: 25 October


Remit: To advise the Branch on issues relating to intellectual property, particularly copyright and licensing, as they affect the music library profession, and to deal with issues relating to the profession’s relationship with publishers and suppliers of music material.

Membership: Claire Kidwell (Chair); Chris Scobie (Secretary); Richard Chesser; Morag Greig; Jo Lappin; Ruth Walters; Simon Wright, Susan Brodigan (Corresponding member, Ireland)
Meetings for 2017: 25 May, London


C.B. Oldman Prize
Sarah d'Ardenne (Convener); Almut Boehme; Richard Jones.

E.T. Bryant Prize
Charity Dove (Convener); Ros Edwards; Pam Thompson.

IAML (UK & Irl) Excellence Award
Convener tba (Convener); Frances Allott; Pam Thompson.

email List Joint Owners
Julie Crawley; Antony Gordon.