A song for the season

Corelli’s Christmas Concerto was so called as it bears the inscription ‘Fatto per la notte di Natale’ (‘made for the night of Christmas’). The portrait of Francesco Geminiani by Andrea Soldi, now in the Gerald Coke Handel Collection at the Foundling Museum, was painted in about 1735, depicts the composer holding a copy of the Christmas Concerto, in tribute to…

A Joint Force Christmas

Last Tuesday’s Christmas showcase at Westminster Music Library was anything but a “Silent Night”, as our very own Joint Force Singers Choir* gave their debut public performance in festive style. Keen followers of Westminster Music Library’s community events may already know about our flagship choir, whose activities so far have included interactive workshops in the…

Countdown to Christmas – Day 14

The Hathi Trust’s pages can be a great way of finding some more obscure Christmas musical fare. How about Liza Lehmann’s No candle was there or the festive children’s operetta The trial of John and Jane? It struck me having a quick search for Christmas music on their site, that there is a huge wealth of musical…

Countdown to Christmas – Day 13

Fascinating blogpost from New College Library, Edinburgh, about the festive treasures in their hymnology collection:  http://libraryblogs.is.ed.ac.uk/newcollegelibrarian/2014/12/08/christmas-is-coming-at-new-college-library/

Countdown to Christmas – Day 12

A selection of unusual Christmas music from the British Music Collection : – https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/exhibit/british-music-collection-christmas-exhibition/QRHup94d